Senior year

August 8, 2006

Yep I started my Senior year… and probably my last in Puerto Rico.  Well I will try to make this the best year of my life now.  Having fun and getting good grades are my first intrests so hopefully this will be a good year.  Anything else you wanna learn about my class go ahead and look for Inehyum in my blogroll,thats my senior class.  The blog is in spanish so if you do know spanish go on ahead.


Clear skies, Ride on

July 13, 2006

     Yep here I am, on vacation in Boston with my family.  Just spending some time to clear my head and spend some time with them.So here I am today at 8:14 AM writing in my Blog this entry. 

     We are waiting for a good weather forecast to give us the go to ride from Brockton, MA to Springfield for Six Flags.  Yep we are going to have fun, And I cannot posibly wait to ride Superman, although I may be stiff the whole ride.  I like feeling that adrenaline rush through me, and then stoping right there when I need it to give me a nice scare.  I’ll try and get on as many rides just as long as I am feeling good.

      You know, now that I think this through we are definetly going, even if my heart jumps out my bellybuton from the G’s were going to be pulling.  It’s all going to be fun and I can’t wait to be there.

Death gotta be easy

May 2, 2006

    Sad news await you while you read this post.  My mother passed away on February 28, 2006.  Although she’s gone she still has a place in my heart.  Death is one of those things you cannot understand to the full extention it’s meant to be understood.  Well as shit happens, we the ones who survive should make the best of life.  Its been about two months since my last post on my blog.  I lost all inspiration, on art and on life, now im getting better although not at full extent.  Remember that life is fragile, respect it.

Life’s a bitch

February 20, 2006

Sure you might say that life is hard and has its twits and turns, this is true.  And sure you might say everything happens for a reason, most likely true.  Then you might believe faith is easy, so not true.  Well life is a bitch and there is no doubt about it.

My mother has been undergoing a lot of suffering for the last year and 1/2.  Due to cancer.  Now she lays on her bed, barely talking, and not moving by herself.  Life is a bitch because she has been such a good person throughout her life.  People believe if you lead a good life and be the best you can be you will be allright.  Well that is so not true.  Sickness does not discriminate anyone.

This has been a hard period of time for all of us.  The only way she is getting out of her bed is by force of a miracle.  We still have faith in God that he can do it.  But sometimes even the strong are broken and we loose faith for that split second that could have meant the cure for my mom.  But we still cant loose whatever faith we have left.

Of all of you who pray to God, we need prayers, for my mom and for my family.  This is all I ask of you all, people who I don’t know, who can unite by prayer for a cause.  Just mention us in your prayers.  With only a word a miracle can happen by work of God.

–Thanks for your prayers:


January 28, 2006

Ever since I got my digital camera I’ve been obsessed with photography. I’ve been taking shots of most things in my house, That is just to get some sense and feeling of taking anything and making it be useful for photography. I’m building my own still-life photography stage 🙂 The thing is now that I’m so into photography I’m more and more into getting a new camera. Spotted one on ebay for an aproximate of 1,000 bucks. Although much needed, i still need a lil bit of thing called money, (don’t we all). I wish to get better at photography as a hobby because my main passion is graphic design so I think they would go hand in hand.

January 27, 2006

Check out for some mad funny flash animations.  The latest one was featured in Jay Leno’s show.  It is called “205”  Its one of their famous sing alongs about the year round up resumed in a nice song sang along by President Bush.  Really funny, try it out!


January 27, 2006

Photo from Stock.xchng
Image from Stock.xchng

Ready for some advice? If you need stock photos try this site. Its got thousands of photos uploaded by photographers. If youre a Photographer that wants to give something to the art comunity, you might wanna try this place too.

As described in the home page:
You can:

  • Browse through the categories of our gallery containing over 180.000 quality stock photos by more than 10.000 users! Need a wallpaper for your desktop? Need a pic for your commercial website design? Looking for inspiration? Have a look around this site.”
  • “Share your photos with fellow designers! SXC is a friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their works to the public free of charge. If you have some nice photos that you’d like to share with others, join!”
  • “Chat with other members in our forum! Looking for something? Need an opinion? Have a question? Post a topic, and someone will definitely help you out.

Its a very nice clean site by the way. You have to create an account to download normal size images and to upload. Try it out here.


January 22, 2006


Aligned is my very first attempt at Spacescapes. It turned out nice on my opinion. Spent 2-3 Days on it so take that into account. Don’t go around flaming me if some things are not physically possible in the planets, like rings and moons, it just looks nice so I did it that way.

I am inclined in this sort of illustration for a hobby, very nice when combined with Terragen and digital painting. Something like work of ^alyn .

Deviant Art

January 21, 2006

If you’re into Graphic Design you should have heard of  And I won’t lie when I say they have the best artists of the net in there.  I have an account there; Check it out on the side links I got here.

You can buy prints of the work the artists in have published and made available for selling.  Trust me the prints are worth it, and the best is you get real art made by known artists in the community.  As you can see the site has almost everything to make your artist life easier, well it won’t cook your meals but there’s the microwave for that.

So head on over to and check it out, if you’re an artist of any kind, is bound to have the place for you.  From t-shirt design to architectural design you can find it.  Its not just Digital Arts, it has traditional arts too.  Anyways check it out.


January 19, 2006

Welcome to Blue Guy, hope you all like it.  I will post here about many things that I find intresting in the world and more. I really want to make this blog work so I will try to update a lot.